Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sinorogomphus sachiyoae

18 May I found myself checking the streams around Tay Thien. At the end of the day I saw a slender and large dragon cruising over a stream at about 300m asl. It was not difficult to catch and in hand it was obviously a Sinorogomphus species. Although very similar in outward appearance to other Sinorogomphus species, the typical appendages allowed for identification as S. sachiyoae, a species known from Tam Dao and recently also recorded from Xuan Son by Sebastien.

Like all Chlorogomphids, a very attractive species! Sinorogomphus sachiyoae, male

Note the notch in the tip of the superior appendages. These also have a large lateral tooth, but that is difficult to see in this picture.

In dorsal view the lateral tooth of the superior appendages is visible. Note the deep V in the epiproct.

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