Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Coeliccia ambigua

When exploring along the road to Tam Dao 2 in Tam Dao National Park on May 17, along a stream deep in the forest, I ran into many Coeliccia ambigua. A really lovely species. It was also the first time I saw the female. After all the Gomphids and Calicnemia entries, time for a little diversion. There is some discussion on the affiliation of this species. Some place it in Indocnemis (with I. orang), based on venation. There are however also aspects of wing venation that better fit Coeliccia.

Copula of Coeliccia ambigua

The lovely male of C. ambigua

And the female. Females are confusingly similar amongst Coeliccia species. Maybe the combination of blue markings on the abdomen, light green thorax stripes and yellow venter to thorax could be characteristic?

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