Wednesday, 21 May 2014

More details of Calicnemia haksik* **

* This post was adjusted after true identity of C. uenoi was established.
** This post was adjusted after the identity of C. mortoni was rectified as C. haksik.

A few weeks back I found a blackish Calicnemia in Yen Bai with just a little red at the beginning of the abdomen, superficially like C. haksik. But I postulated it is in fact C. uenoi, based on the structure of the appendages and coloration, although Asahina (1997) described more segments reddish. Now I found a few C. mortoni of which I could take close-ups to prove at least that the Yen Bai species is not mortoni.

Calicnemia haksik, male and female
C. haksik appendages
C. uenoi appendages

C. haksik penile organ ventral
C. uenoi penile organ ventral

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