Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Anisopleura galore!

On May 10 and 11 I was working streams west of Nam Bung in Yen Bai Province. On the 10th I bumped into a male Anisopleura that sped off somewhere the moment I was looking for my net. And although I saw at least 3 different females thereafter, the male did not return. I took photos of several of these females and kept on looking for it also on the 11th. Finally I saw one with blue on the last segments and swept it, but to my surprise it was a female. I decided to keep it anyway. Now at home, checking the photos I noticed that all except for this specimen have ovals on the dorsum of the synthorax. So, not one, but two species! Without the oval A. qingyuanensis and with the oval A. yunnanensis. Hooray! Of course, I would love to see a few males to back it up, but for the moment I go with this.
Male Anisopleura yunnanensis with typical oval on dorsum
Female of A. yunnanensis, showing the same ovals
A different female, but the same characteristics

Hey, no ovals! Anisopleura qingyuanensis, a female

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