Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ba Vi National Park has more to offer

This morning we wandered around Red River Island looking for river breeding gomphids, but we did not find any. Thereafter I drove to Ba Vi to try my luck there. We still have the Drepanosticta enigma to solve. Checking the streams I ran into two new species for my list. Sinorogomphus nasutus is a species I really wanted to see and I am happy I succeeded. Thank you Sebastien for pointing the way! The other species was a Leptogomphus. Haruki Karube showed me the manuscript of his upcoming article for Tombo on Gomphids from Vietnam. In it is also Leptogomphus elegans, which allowed us to identify a Leptogomphid enigma. Sebastien had photos of the appendages of a Leptogomphid that he could not identify, but now we can. I really did not expect to see that same species at Ba Vi. A happy occasion!

Sinorogomphus nasutus, male

Face of male S. nasutus

Lateral view of the appendages of S. nasutus

Dorsal view, normally inferiors would be visible, but S10 bent downwards

Photos in the field failed, so a scan of Leptogomphus elegans, male

The same reason, the same male
Appendages in dorsal view
In lateral view
In ventral view

And the apparatus of S2

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