Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Another name change: Idionyx claudia, I guess she had to go

Keith Wilson already pointed out to me that Idionyx claudia does not have short antehumeral stripes and that he therefore could not believe that the species I found in Xuan Son late May was in fact this species. I failed to update the blog, also because I left some uncertainty in my entry as to the specific identity. But I have had already for a while a suspicion that it is a species described by Asahina in his work on Thai Odonata, Idionyx selysi. The citron yellow anteclypeus and labrum combined with the short yellow antehumerals, the brownish suffusion to the wings in addition to the amber basis, the simple vulvar lamina and the dent in the posterior edge of the second dark lateral stripe towards its dorsal end all point to this species, although the legs are possibly oddly dark and the anal loop has too many cells (but this is also the case for all female I. thailandica that I scanned in comparison with Asahina's description. So, I changed the entry and will look for the male when spring comes.

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