Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Prodasineura coerulescens - another Prodasineura

One species that was on the Cat Tien list already, but that we just could not find, was Prodasineura coerulescens. On November 18 I decided that before we were going home I should at least give the Dong Nai river a closer look. Until that time we had largely ignored it. Yes, I know, silly. So, when a blue damselfly hovered just above the surface in typical Prodasineura fashion I knew that mystery was solved. Prodasineura coerulescens does occur at Cat Tien and it favors the rapid parts of the main river. It is a very nice damsel, as most Prodasineura in fact are. And a cool new species. It is known from both Thailand and southern Vietnam, apparently absent from Lao DPR and Cambodia, but maybe it is just awaiting discovery. I saw about 4 males. P. laidlawi is also known from Vietnam and similarly blue, but it has more extensive blue on S9 and a different pattern on the top of the head and the prothorax.

Prodasineura coerulescens, male, perched above the river

And another, hovering above the current

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