Friday, 19 December 2014

Some more Tramea transmarina euryale

In August I had already seen Tramea transmarina euryale in Cat Tien. And I had already encountered males in Van Long (Ninh Binh) and in Ba Vi National Park. So, it is widespread in Vietnam. Nevertheless I was happy to see a whole bundle of them ovipositing (females) and patrolling (males) at the swimming pool at Cat Tien National Park Headquarters in November. They were joined by  the larger T. virginia. I had photos of the male before, but not yet of the female.

Female Tramea transmarina euryale. You can see the eggs under the lamina. Upon release she just continued laying. Note the small, somewhat diffuse, basal spot.

The male, much smaller spot than T. virginia, reddish veins.

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