Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Coeliccia sp becomes blue*

*This entry was adjusted early 2017. It is now clear that there are two closely related species in Vietnam and neighboring countries. The species is Cat Tien is not C. kazukoae, but a soon to be published different species.

My earlier visit to Cat Tien (see entry from August) had turned up quite a few Coeliccia sp., some of which looked pretty much mature and were still yellow and brown. I wondered if it might be a distinct species from C. megumi after all. Well, I was proved wrong during our November visit to Cat Tien. In the much drier forest I ran into quite a few adult males and a few females, now no longer dispersed in the forest, but hanging from the tips of leaves along small streams. And they were invariably blueish (apart from a fe immature ones inside the forest), but in hand had identical features. Here a few shots of the adult, which apparently takes quite a while to attain full colours.

Male of Coeliccia sp., note also the colour of the eyes.
And the female, a little whitish under the flash, a necessary evil in these dark places
A different male, note the longer greenish-blue line over the humeral suture in this individual.
Close-up of thorax pattern and eyes.
Close up of the appendages.

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