Saturday, 6 December 2014

Two interesting discoveries at Xuan Son

On November 29, while looking for Aeshnids in Xuan Son, I ran into a few additional goodies. Not only was a male Merogomphus paviei still around, I was also very surprised to see several Macromia flying about over a sunny stream. Upon capture these were Macromia malleifera, which was amazing, given the fact that I had visited Xuan Son quite a few times since the last record . That was on July 4. Maybe these were a new generation?

The other record of note was a female Trithemis festiva. Now, T. festiva is a very common species, no doubt about that. But I had only had very few previous glimpses of females, irrespective of males being easily found. And I never had the chance to catch one or take pictures. So it was noteworthy to catch one finally. She was ovipositing and after I took some shots I released her to resume her business.

Magnificent Macromia malleifera, a late season flyer too.
The typical pale-yellow postclypeus of M. malleifera.

And this is her, the elusive female of Trithemis festiva

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