Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Bayadera revisited

About a week ago I met with Phan Quoc Toan, who is working on his thesis in Japan, but happened to be visiting. He has been doing quite a bit of work on the confusing group of Bayadera. I had lent him the few specimens I had and the bad news is that he pointed out several mistakes I had made in my enthusiasm and based on the little correct information there is. Toan has looked at many specimens from collections and it is clear I had to revise some of the blog entries on the genus. Bayadera nephelopennis from Tam Dao is not that species, but is in fact Bayadera bidentata. Coincidentally, Karube had already published that species for Tam Dao. The few Bayadera bidentata I had collected or photographed, from Yen Bai and Sapa, are in fact Bayadera hyalina. And the one fresh specimen from Lai Chau in April might in fact be Bayadera strigata. I am indebted to Toan for sorting this out and today will change the earlier entries. The good news for me is that although I lost one species, I gained two!

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