Friday, 18 April 2014

17 April, QL 32 back from Sapa to Ba Vi, and Ba Vi on the 18th

On the 17th we drove back from Sapa along the QL 32, as we had originally planned as the route to use towards Sapa. It is a great drive, but long and although quiet (devoid of heavy traffic) and generally good pavement, it twists and turns, thus slowing progress. But the scenery is nice and the hills are strewn with streams. I could do only very few stops, but the few we did produced great species. One open stream in an area with degraded forest had at least 30 or so Archineura hetaerinoides, yes again, so maybe not so rare after all. The same stream also had a billion or so Zygonyx iris. Another stop produced a fresh Bayadera male, still to be identified. And yet another stop a Rhipidolestes owadai male and a beautiful male Calicnemia miles. Lastly, a small stream over rocks by the road had 15 or so fantastic Coeliccia chromothorax.

Ba Vi on the 18th was shrouded in mist, so species were hard to find. I only saw a single Coeliccia scutellum, a fresh male and a female Indocnemis orang, first of the season, and also the first 4 fresh Agriomorpha fusca, besides a few common dragonflies.

Fresh male Bayadera species, work to be done

Female Coeliccia chromothorax

And the magnificent male Coeliccia chromothorax

Not to be confused with C. chromothorax, immature male Indocnemis orang, also with yellow thorax

The very beautiful Calicnemis miles, male

Male Rhipidolestes owadai
Brilliant Archineura hetaerinoides, temporarily held captive, male

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