Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Huu Lien Gomphid enigma*

*Adjusted after publication of the Tombo May 2015 issue, in which Haruki Karube published Trigomphus kompieri.

Yesterday, April 21, I visited Huu Lien Nature Reserve and ran into 4 Gomphid species. Nihonogomphus schorri, after all it is the type location, and Ictinogomphus pertinax will not raise eyebrows. A small gomphid of which I saw 4 individuals should. It appears to be a Trigomphus species, a genus not recorded from Vietnam, although it has been recorded with several species from southern China. It has appendages close to those of T. succumbens, but the thorax markings and facial markings are rather different. Especially the thick black line along the metapleural suture, the so-called third lateral stripe, is strange. If correct, this species awaits description. Please see the below photos and if you know what it is, tell me. (It was subsequently established that this is a new species of Trigomphus, described as T. kompieri (Karube, 2015)

Besides, I also saw another, large, Asiagomphus. I was able to take some photos, but these do not show the abdomen tip. I doubt anyone will have the audacity to identify it on basis of the photo, but I add it at the bottom nonetheless.

The very, for a Trigomphus, blackish male of T. kompieri.

At about 45 mm not a large insect, for a Gomphid

Appendages in ventral view

More striking, because of the white color of the superior appendages, in dorsal view

Close-up in lateral view, of course upside down. This is the right side. The superior appendages have a large ventral tooth at 2/5th and a serrated distal edge, inferiors smoothly curved.

The left side, lateral view, this one uppers up and lowers down.

The right superior appendages in dorsal close-up. Ventral tooth also visible as lateral tooth, but it is one and the same.
The other, large, enigmatic Asiagomphus. Note the narrow lateral yellow stripe.

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