Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another new Gomphid at Huu Lien - Asiagomphus sp.

This Saturday, April 26, I was looking for Gomphids at Huu Lien. I paid a price, because today I have a rash on my left arm and a little bit on my left side. Probably a fungal infection from walking in wet cloths all day (very hot, very humid and wading in the streams did not help). Apart from Nihonogomphus cf. liefticki and the Trigomphus sp. I also saw again several of the Gomphid I already mentioned in the Trigomphus entry. I was able to catch a female and take some better pictures of the male. Clearly, it is a large Asiagomphus species, but a few details of the female stand out. The general coloration seems to point to Asiagomphus hainanensis, but details of the female do not match. The lack of longitudinal dorsal lines on the abdomen but rather short perpendicular stripes (not unlike A. acco) do not match any species I have been able to check. What is more, the female has three horns, one on the occipital ridge, and two behind the ocelli. Several species have similar characteristics, but not A. hainanensis or A. pacificus. A. acco has all yellow S1-2, unlike the present species, and a different thorax pattern. The upper appendages from the male seem longer than the inferiors, also present in a few, but only a few, of Asiagomphus species that I have been able to check. If anyone has suggestions as to what this could be?

Photo of the male from quite far away.

Another shot of the same male. Pattern on the thorax very similar to A. hainanensis.

The female Asiagomphus. Note the lack of an antehumeral stripe, only a spot, extensive black on S1-2 and the lack of a second yellow lateral spot on S3. Also, check the shape of the markings on S4-7, perpendicular rather than longitudinal. The vulvar lamina is typical of the genus.

Note the three horns and the all black labrum

Thorax pattern of female seems to be identical for the male

Scan of the female in dorsal view


  1. The three-horned character on head reminds me A. pacatus recorded from China, although the body pattern is quite different!

    1. Hi Chi Yeh, yes, you are right about that. I wish the other characteristics were in line too! Check the new entry on the males and tell me what you think