Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Some additional species at Huu Lien from April 21

The two Copera species of Huu Lien and the one Pseudocopera were already common and easily found. Here are the males of P. ciliata and C. marginipes in their full glory.

Pseudocopera ciliata is the easy one, large, and white when mature

Here a male Copera marginipes with its simple, but large superior appendages

A somewhat messier C. marginipes. C. vittata normally has much less white on the last segments.
A remarkable and large species was Orolestes selysi. The dark-winged form and the hyaline form occurred side by side.

A fantastic dark-winged specimen of Orolestes selysi

The somewhat less striking, sorry to say, hyaline version.
I also had the opportunity to take a better look at some immature Orthetrum glaucum.

First, a female Orthetrum glaucum.

A fresh, still less pronounced, female

The interesting immature male. The striking pattern is later completely obscured by pruinosity.


  1. I think the C. vittata is still the C. marginipes, the former possesses shorter cerci and pink legs.

  2. Hi Chi Yeh, yes of course, I can see how you interpret the caption. What I mean to say was that this is another male C. marginipes and that C. vittata would look different. So we totally agree. I will adjust the caption so there is no confusion.

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