Sunday, 27 April 2014

A new species for my Vietnamese list - Gomphidia abbotti

This Saturday at Huu Lien I encountered this smashing large gomphid on two occasions. Identification is quite straightforward, with the double dot on either side on the dorsum of the thorax and the brightly marked orange-yellow and black abdomen. The orange-yellow markings are not always as prominent as in this specimen. Sebastien on his blog mentions the species too, but his sightings are few. He spotted it at Cuc Phuong and in Hoa Binh Province. Hopefully I will have better photos next time.

Gomphidia abbotti abbotti, male


  1. When I saw your Gomphid I said I know this guy; I've almost the same picture with the same angle from Malaysia and no better photos ( Funny.

    1. Hi Benoit, I will definitely try for better shots. In fact I had another close by, but was distracted for some reason. I guess at Huu Lien they are not rare.