Sunday, 27 April 2014

Prodasineura croconota - beautiful little critter

At Huu Lien on April 26 I did see something else besides Gomphids and guards. I ran into a beautiful Prodasineura over a heavily forested stream. Within 3 meters or so I saw two males. The would perch on the tips of twigs over the water and close to the surface, or hover close by above the stream, very much like Prodasineura autumnalis does. It was however very brightly colored, as nice change with, let's be honest, the rather boring P. autumnalis. Do Manh Cuong mentions a Prodasineura species (unidentified) from his survey. I do not know if he refers to the same species. It is different from the type specimen (from Taiwan) that has apparently more extensive orange markings on the head, but on the mainland of China this is reduced to two tiny orange spots, exactly as the present species has. The appendages also match well. I am therefore confident it is this species, which is also known from Guangxi, Guangdong, HongKong, Hainan and, according to the IUCN red list information, has recently also been found in Central Vietnam.

Ain't he a handsome fella: Prodasineura croconota, male

Appendages in lateral view

And in latero-dorsal view

Showing the dorsum of the head, with two tiny orange spots

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