Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A last few photos from Huu Lien* **

*Updated after publication of Paracercion ambiguum
** Updated again after publication of Lyriothemis kameliyae

Here are a last few photos from Huu Lien. It is Wednesday evening, so ready to start thinking of the coming weekend. But for now it is misty, rainy and cloudy, as it has been the last two months. Nevertheless, a few more shots of species seen on April 21. Tetracanthagyna waterhousei is new for the blog.

This is a male Prodasineura autumnalis, a rather common species

And this is a beautiful male Lyriothemis kameliyae

This is the Paracercion ambiguum male, a new species to science. 

And finally a female Tetracantagyna waterhousei. This bulky mama flew up higher into the trees, so I could not get better shots. It is a monster of a dragonfly.

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