Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ba Be and surroundings

We are in the field, so no photos. However, here a little news on progress. Ba Be itself, although famous for its lakes, has few streams. The mountains south and north are better. Near Bung Lung we found a great little stream. Interesting finds included Asiagomphus sp. A, Megalogomphus sommeri, Parvogomphus torvus, Stylurus sp., Chlorogomphus (Sinorogomphus) sachiyoae, Lestes cf praemorsus (but larger), Mortonogrion sp, Coeliccia acco, Macromia unca (male), Macromia clio, Macromidia rapida, many Periaeschna magdalena, Matrona basilaris. The target in Ba Be is a new Coeliccia, which we spotted last year. We will keep you posted (literally).

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