Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Burmagomphus vermicularis - verified

Haruki Karube mentions Burmagomphus arboreus and B. divaricatus from Vietnam (Karube, 2014). Do Manh Cuong also described B. schneideri in 2011 as a new species and provides description of B. vermicularis from Northern Vietnam. So we know there are at least several species of this genus in Vietnam. Burmagomphus vermicularis was originally described from "Tonkin" by Martin in 1904. It was apparently not recorded until Cuong found it again in 2011, but last year in July in Ba Be National Park we bumped into many emerging Burmagomphus that we thought might be this species. On May 25 I was searching along a bigger, slower stream close to Xuan Son National Park when I found a Burmagomphus in a spider web, freshly emerged, and decided, now that it was caught anyway, to collect it. In its paper envelop it hardened and came out quite nicely colored. I saw several more along the stream, but only took the present specimen. At home it turned out to be B. vermicularis. Maybe it is not a rare species in Vietnam at all. In Southern China it is widespread.

A small, but neat little gomphid. Male Burmagomphus vermicularis, fresh.

Appendages in dorsal view

In dorso-lateral view, showing characteristic notch in upper appendage

In lateral view

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