Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tetracanthagyna waterhousei

June 8 in Xuan Son seemed a day like many others, as far as Tetracanthagyna waterhousei was concerned. As usual I noticed one or two females flying about and ovipositing, but all of a sudden I bumped into a male, the first time I ever saw one. It flew a little bit and then hung up in a tree. But when I tried to get closer to take pictures it quickly took off. I was very disappointed, but in the evening and at a different location I saw a large Aeshnid and when I managed to catch it, it turned out to be another male! It is almost as massive as the female, but the dark blue eyes are very attractive.

Tetracanthagyna waterhousei, male

Scan of the same male in dorsal view

Orange face and blue eyes!

The female is similarly patterned with an even more massive abdomen

Appendages of male in dorsal view

And in lateral view

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