Saturday, 14 June 2014

Idionyx thailandica

June 14 I caught a male Idionyx thailandica near Tay Thien. I had also caught several in Huu Lien on May 25, but to my dismay I forgot to publish them. Hamalainen described I. thailandica in 1985. In 1991 he also described I. victor from Hongkong. I am a little confused by these species. The descriptions do not really give an answer as to why these are different species. Hamalainen states that the lateral expansion of S7-9 is distinctly  wider in I. thailandica than in I. victor. The appendages are (almost?) identical. Based on the lateral expansion criterium my specimens are all I. thailandica.

Idionyx thailandica, male, Huu Lien, May 25

The same male, different angle

A different male on the same day, same location
Young male I. thailandica, Tay Thien (Tam Dao), June 14
Face of young Tay Thien male

Appendages in dorsal view of Tay Thien male

Same in lateral view

And in ventral view

Huu Lien male appendages in lateral view

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