Monday, 2 June 2014

Macromia clio and Macromia malleifera

This weekend (May 31 and June 1) was a home coming for Macromia species. The obvious was Macromia moorei, which I had overlooked so far (to my shame). Another was Macromia unca, recently found by Sebastien at Xuan Son. The other two were Macromia clio and Macromia malleifera. Both are widely spread in Southern China, so it is not surprising they occur in Vietnam. M. clio was already recorded by Karube.

I found several Macromia clio cruising over the slow river outside Xuan Son park, after the turn off from QL 32. It is easily recognized by the pattern of yellow on for instance S2, the yellow labium with blackish center and so on. It also has obvious humeral stripes and a yellow stripe across the face (on the postclypeus). Macromia malleifera caused more headache, but has been adequately described by Lieftinck. It has typical hamulus and lobe, whitish stripe across the face, crossed triangles in the forewing, ridge on dorsum of S10 with small protuberances next to it, and interestingly, it misses the keels to the tibia of its middle legs. It is a large species. I had seen it already several times at Xuan Son, but failed to catch it. Sebastien also saw it recently (see his blog).

Macromia clio, male, a splendid insect. Note yellow markings on face (labium) and on venter of S3.
Scan of male M. clio, note humeral stripes

Labium in ventral view, broadly edged in yellow
Hamulus and lobe of M. clio

Dorsal view of appendages of M. clio, rather blunt with lateral tooth in middle 

Same in lateral view

Another brilliant (and large, 8 cm) insect, Macromia malleifera

Note orange labium, black labrum, brown anteclypeus and cream postclypeus, ochre corners to frons

In dorsal view, note the crossed triangle and sub triangle in front wing

Now this is supercool. Note the yellowish keel on the front leg tibia and the absence of a keel on the middle leg tibia

Here again the short keel on the front leg tibia and the massive keel on the tibia of the hind leg

The typical lobe and hamule of M. malleifera

Appendages in dorsal view, note the central ridge on S10 and the two small humps at its starting point

Similar, in side view

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