Monday, 16 June 2014

Eventful day at Tay Thien continued - Zyxomma petiolatum

When walking down from the nunnery at Tay Thien late in the afternoon of June 15, I noticed a slender small dragonfly patrolling in the ditch of an almost dry stream, the banks covered in shrubbery. The identification was straightforward. But, it was an addition to my list in Vietnam. Zyxomma petiolatum is a common and widespread species. According to the IUCN website, it also occurs in Vietnam. Maybe because of its largely crepuscular habits that I have not seen it before, or maybe I just do not look in its preferred habitat.
It is an interesting dragonfly, with hugely swollen S1-2, like the Neotropical Brachymesia or Erythemis species.

Zyxomma petiolatum, male. A handsome dresser.

Scan of dorsal side, showing slightly darker wingtips.

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