Saturday, 7 June 2014

Some Asiagomphus specimens from Xuan Son and Yen Bai

*Adjusted on July 16
This posting shows several variations of the variable species Asiagomphus species A, which is in fact, I am convinced Asiagomphus auricolor (Fraser, 1926). See the blog entry of July 16 on that topic.
Asiagomphus sp A from Xuan Son

Close-up of thorax and head

Facial pattern

Asiagomphus A from Yen Bai, different pattern, same structural characteristics

Scan of two specimens from Xuan Son

Same for Yen Bai specimen

Xuan Son specimen appendages ventral view
Xuan Son specimen dorsal view

Yen Bai specimen ventral view
Yen Bai specimen dorsal view

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