Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Amphigomphus nakamurai

Already the gomphidae season is drawing to a close and that is saddening indeed. Gomphids are dear to me. I love dragonflies and damselflies, but the gomphids have a special place in my heart. Therefore it is wonderful to be in a place where there is great variety. Japan was such a place, and Rio de Janeiro was another, but Vietnam is truly wonderful for this group too.

On August 10 we visited Tam Dao and where looking for Odonata around the resort. The streams in places can be a saddening sight, with all the rubbish, but the species are good. At a certain moment a dragonfly appeared out of nowhere in the corner of my eye and I was lucky enough to be able to catch it. Straightaway it was clear it was something I had not seen before, but what. The antehumerals were apple green and also the first lateral stripe was greenish, stronger in fact than the photos show. It took quite a bit of searching until I could finally identify it as Amphigomphus nakamurai, a species described from Tam Dao by Karube. Although apparently this is the only location known in Vietnam, it has also been found in Laos.

Amphigomphus nakamurai, male

Showing of apple greenish antehumerals and frons. Some interference (software problem of camera) giving the appearance of alternating green and yellow bands, but this is not true, the complete antehumeral was solid greenish 

ventral-lateral view of appendages

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