Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lamelligomphus camelus

Another shock today when sorting through my photos. After focussing on the photos of the presumed Lamelligomphus camelus that I had caught on July 23 and that turned out to be Melligomphus sp., I concluded I had been wrong in thinking L. camelus occurred there at that time. But I had forgotten that I had also taken photos of a perched specimen a few days earlier. Today I bumped into that photo when looking for the proper photos of Vestalis gracilis and to my shock this was clearly a Lamelligomphus, complete with humps on S8 and a (although the picture is not very sharp) dorsal tooth on the superior appendage. No doubt about it, L. camelus.

Lamelligomphus camelus, male

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