Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lamelligomphus sp. revisited

After the publication of the Lamelligomphus enigma a few days back, Sebastien Delonglee went back to his photos of Lamelligomphus of the last few years and found a specimen from Hoa Binh that displays the same characteristics as mine from Tam Dao. Now that is exciting news! Sadly the facial pattern is not visible, but it is a similar type individual, without antehumeral stripe or metepisternum stripe, without humps on S8 or dorsal tooth on the superior caudal appendages and a tooth on the inside of the same. Too much of a coincidence, I would say. Here is a Lamelligomphus species that may just have been overlooked, but is maybe not that uncommon. I call on any reader of this blog who has close-ups of the dorsal view of the appendages (superior and inferior) of L. formosanus to let me have a peek. As it clear from the photos by Sebastien, here reproduced, the absence of some of the markings in these specimens that are supposed to be present in L. formosanus could well be a consistent difference. As the species keys out at L. formosanus and displays similarities in many structural aspects with that species, a comparison of the shape of the appendages may further help sorting out the puzzle.

Lamelligomphus sp, male, photo by Sebastien Delonglee

Close-up of the appendages and S8

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