Monday, 23 September 2013

Orolestes selysi

When I first saw this massive Lestidae at Ba Vi on July 13, I was pretty much awe struck. Since then I have been lucky enough to see it at Ba Be National Park in late July and again at Cuc Phuong in early August. Orolestes selysi occurs in two distinct forms, one with largely black wings and one with hyaline wings. The specimens at Ba Vi (1 male) and Ba Be (2 males) had black wings, whereas all the specimens seen in Cuc Phuong (about 10 males) had hyaline wings. I wonder if they occur side by side. Anyway, it is a fantastic species. At Ba Vi it was at a muddy puddle inside the forest, used by water buffalo, at Ba Be in the corner of a shallow pond with overhanging bushes and in Cuc Phuong it was found in inundated grassland bordered by bushes.

Orolestes selysi, male, black-winged form at Ba Vi

Male from Cuc Phuong, clear-winged

Another clear-winged male from Cuc Phuong

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