Sunday, 22 September 2013

Three species of Ceriagrion

The Ceriagrion damsels are marvelous creatures. There are about 25 species of which to date at least 7 have been recorded in Vietnam. I introduce the males of the three species that I have seen so far here. One of these, Ceriagrion auranticum, is a very common species, easily encountered. Ceriagrion malaisei is a harder nut to crack, apparently. I saw it en route to Ba Be near Bang Lung, on a little stream by the road side, and in Ba Be itself, where we located a nice little pond with grassy verges. It was at this same pond that beautiful Ceriagrion azureum was also present with 2-3 males. All these photos were taken in July 2013. C. azureum is rather straightforward, almost completely azure in coloration, absolutely stunning.  C. auranticum and C. malaisei, although superficially similar and one could overlook C. malaisei amongst the more numerous C. auranticum, can with a bit of practice quite easily be told apart. The abdomen of C. malaisei is much redder than C. auranticum, which is more orange. And the thorax is ochre in C. malaisei, where it is greenish in C. auranticum. Of course, the appendages are also different.

Ceriagrion azureum, male

Another male, equally beautiful

Ceriagrion malaisei, male

Appendages in close-up

Ceriagrion auranticum, male

And another male

Appendages in close-up


  1. I agree - Ceriagrion is a wonderful genus. I have only seen two so far but I can hardly wait to see more.

    My two species seen and photographed are from Thailand and Lao PDR: