Monday, 23 September 2013

Another undescribed Coeliccia from Cuc Phuong

When checking a small pond by the road through National Park Cuc Phuong on July 30 we noticed a smallish damsel with 4 spots on the dorsum of the thorax. It was a female Coeliccia, but we could not place it. A little later we also found a male, perched a little out of reach. Luckily in the next days this Coeliccia turned out to be not so uncommon, but in fact was omnipresent at streams along the main road. It was tiny for a Coeliccia and it was beautiful. Apparently the various surveys at Cuc Phuong completely missed it, but it had been found last year and it currently being described.

The exquisite male, Coeliccia sp. nov.

The female, with two sets of two spots on the dorsum of the synthorax

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