Saturday, 14 September 2013

Megalestes distans, what a beauty

September 14 I ventured towards Ba Vi for the first time not with a taxi, but with my freshly arrived car. It was a brilliant day, with lots of sun and quite warm, but we met more leeches than dragonflies. Gomphids were absent. Maybe the season has ended. We were lucky enough though to find one male Megalestes distans low along one stream, just a little higher up than the resort. See also Sebastien's blog on the occurrence of this splendid species in Vietnam. Here is an impression.

Megalestes distans, male, in natural light

Close up of head, stunning eyes

Dorsal shot of the appendages

With flash, more metallic and a little less reddish
 Near the puddle at the French Summer Camp ruins, a very useful small reservoir of clean water that came into being when the newly constructed walkway blocked a small forest stream, a male Cratilla lineata was temporarily made prisoner. I have found this species several times at Ba Vi at small ponds in the forest.

Cratilla lineata, male
Otherwise little was happening, Coeliccia acco and C. scutellum, Cryptophaea vietnamensis, Agriomorpha fusca, that was about it along the forest streams.

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