Monday, 30 September 2013

Two Paracercion or Lilysquatter species*

To continue on the subject of Van Long Nature Reserve, there are two Paracercion species there that can commonly be observed on the water plants. There is another, more robust if similarly looking species around, Pseudagrion australasiae, but this entry is on Paracercion. The one species is Paracercion calamorum, which I have also seen in Cuc Phuong and Ba Be National Parks. Seemingly it is not a rare species. The other is Paracercion malayanum, which I have not seen elsewhere, but Sebastien also mentions its status is unclear in Viet Nam and has only seen it in...indeed, Van Long. The female is rather different and reminiscent of the bulkier Pseudagrion species.

*Subsequently, it became clear that the identity of this Paracercion is not as straightforward. For the time being it is better to treat it as P. cf. melanotum, although the female seems quite different in coloration. See later posts on this subject.

Paracercion cf. melanotum, male, doing what it does best, squatting on lilies

Another male in pretty much the same pose

Paracercion cf. melanotum, female

Another female
Paracercion calamorum, male, in a bush on the edge of the wetland

And another male, squatting on a lily

Paracercion calamorum, female

Another female on the shrubbery

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