Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Anisogomphus tamdaoensis

Karube described a new species of Merogomphus from Tam Dao in 2001. Specimens were collected between May and early August. Subsequently the species was also found at Ba Vi. See also the blog entry on the blog of Sebastien Delonglee. Recently it was transferred to Anisogomphus. I was lucky enough to see a male on August 11 and a female on August 18, the male near Tam Dao Resort and the female along the stream at Tay Thien, also in Tam Dao National Park. The male and female both are reminiscent of the Leptogomphus species that are around (at least Leptogomphus perforatus, but seemingly more than one species is involved) and quite common, but the dorsal stripes are touching the collar, whereas in the Leptogomphus species they are not attached. Also, of course the male appendages are different and the appendages of the female or blackish, whereas they are whitish in the female Leptogomphus species. Also, the labrum of A. tamdaoensis is black, but it has two yellow spots in L. perforatus. Lastly, A. tamdaoensis has yellowish suffusion on the bases to the wings.

Anisogomphus tamdaoensis, male, eluding capture

The female, not so clever

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