Monday, 28 October 2013

Matrona taoi revisited

This Saturday we visited Xuan Son National Park once more, to look for a few more goodies. Matrona taoi was encountered repeatedly, although in small numbers. We could observe a few females too, one of which was ovipositing on floating and submerged plant material while a male was either dancing nearby, or sitting close by signaling with its wings. The female has the white pterostigma also seen in the females of M. basilaris and Calopteryx coomani, but the wings are reddish brown as in the male and do not have translucent areas or lighter bases.

Matrona taoi, female

The male of Matrona taoi

Displaying to the female ovipositing nearby (or to potential competitors?), by opening and closing of the wings and raising the abdomen

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