Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Leptogomphus perforatus

In August I saw many Leptogomphus at Tam Dao National Park. I am not sure all were the same species, as Sebastien Delonglee has verified the presence of at least 2 or 3 species, all rather similar but for the male appendages. I could verify only males of Leptogomphus perforatus, which apparently is the most common species. The females found at the same time and place are by supposition also this species. Like I pointed out in the entry on Merogomphus tamdaoensis, Leptogomphus is characterised by the dorsal stripes not attached to the collar. It also has two spots on the labrum. Males and females both have white (in the case of the male superior) appendages.

Leptogomphus perforatus, male

The caudal appendages in dorsal view

Leptogomphus perforatus, female

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