Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Copera marginipes and Pseudocopera ciliata

These two common species are spectacular in many ways. But...they are both common and in the right places very common (at seeps and little streams with overhanging vegetation for instance, or at the bottom of wet cliffs). So, you can always postpone taking their picture and concentrate on different things. But now, looking back at the last two months, I did not take that many photos, although there have been plenty of opportunities. No female C. marginipes! No immature male P. ciliata!
Marginipes is the smaller of the two. I call it yellow foot. And ciliata I call white foot. This is for obvious reasons. Displaying or fighting males in flight hold their legs forward, a striking feature. Fresh specimens have all white abdomens, a cause of confusion for the unwary. And immature specimens of P. ciliata have reddish legs, another cause of confusion.

Pseudocopera ciliata, male, with striking white legs and blackish knees

Female Pseudocopera ciliata, with reddish legs

Another female

Copera marginipes, male, with striking yellow legs

Still immature male with whitish abdominal segments, but thorax and legs already of mature coloration

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