Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dysphaea basitincta

It seems like ages ago, but late July we visited Ba Be National Park. This was a great place to be for dragonflies, but because it was our first experience in the country, we did not really realize just how interesting it was. Quite a few of the species observed I have not yet seen elsewhere. One of these is a large Euphaeidae with a striking wing pattern. It is one of at least two species of Dysphaea occurring in Vietnam, the other being D. gloriosa, with unicolored reddish wings. The present species is Dysphaea basitincta, a beautiful species indeed. By the way, this is genus 62 for this blog. I have lost track of the number of proper species involved, also because of a few undescribed or possible undescribed species.

Dysphaea basitincta, male

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