Friday, 25 October 2013

Diplacodes trivialis

There are a few species here in Vietnam that are very common and apparently resistant to pollution so that they can be found almost anywhere, like Brachymesia contaminata and Orthetrum sabina. One dragonfly quite resistant, it seems, is Diplacodes trivialis. It is not found readily at the same dirty ponds, but present even in the most insect-devoid paddies. It is a small dragonfly, the adult males easily identified by their blueish-grey appearance and white appendages. In the south of Vietnam there is another species, of which the female is quite similar, although males are easily distinguished on the basis of their dark wingtips. This is D. nebulosa, but it is apparently absent around Hanoi. Exactly because D. trivialis is so common, I did not take many photographs of it. Here are a few, by means of which I introduce it to the audience. Please applaud.

Diplacodes trivialis, male

Another male, slightly less pruinose, still showing yellow on the thorax

And an immature male, colored as a female would be, but recognizable as male by for instance the appendages

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