Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Planaeschna guentherpetersi and female of Boyeria karubei

Sasamoto et al. described a new species of Planaeschna from Xuan Son National Park in 2013, collected, as far as I know, by Do Manh Cuong. After my record of Boyeria karubei during my first visit, I was lucky enough now during my second visit to see several females of this Planaeschna at the same stream as where the original type specimen had been collected. Females were ovipositing on the trees along the stream and on softer vegetation. It is a rather large species, with striking pattern and rather plain face. One female flew up into a nearby bush and allowed for a nice record shot.

Planaeschna guentherpetersi, female

Same female in hand

Along the nearby larger streams I also bumped into females of Boyeria karubei, both in the primary forest and along the stream near the dam, where they were ovipositing on mossy rocks. One could be photographed while hanging inside a bush.

Boyeria karubei, female, with pattern very much like male, but abdomen not constricted at S3

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