Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pseudagrion rubriceps and P. australasiae

The trip to Van Long offered great opportunities to take photos of female Pseudagrion australasiae, in the morning when males were already out over the water, but females were still in the shrubbery. The Pseudagrion species are largish and robust damsels, strong fliers, although they tend to sit on vegetation over the water. P. australasiae I saw also just southwest of Tam Dao at Lake Dai Lai and at Cuc Phuong. P. rubriceps is much more common and can be found even inside Hanoi City limits. It prefers streaming water. The female of P. rubriceps has few markings on the thorax, but the female of P. australasiae copies the male pattern when maturing is it this boldly marked.

Pseudagrion australasiae, male

P. australasiae, immature male

Pseudagrion australasiae, female

And an immature female

Pseudagrion rubriceps, male

Another male

Pseudagrion rubriceps, female

Out of focus immature male, apart from S8-10 similar in pattern to female

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