Friday, 11 October 2013

Two common cruisers: Macromia pinrantani vietnamensis and Epophthalmia elegans

Basically there are two common cruisers in Northern Vietnam, but likely there are also uncommon ones, so I should remain on my toes whenever I spot one. These two species are rather similar in flight, but in hand are quite different. Macromia pinrantani has one lateral thorax stripe and a plain reddish-brown face (I apologize to anyone with a reddish-brown face, I do not mean to say you look plain). Epophthalmia elegans has, apart from a name that screams to be misspelled, two lateral stripes on the thorax and a real warface with stripes and markings. Both share the rather similar appendages of the Macromids. E. elegans is a common species of open waters, commonly seen patrolling along the verges of reservoirs, ponds and lakes. M. pinrantani on the other hand is a typical species of forested streams, where it cruises up and down over long distances, checking nooks and crannies for partners.

Macromia pinrantani vietnamensis, male

Macromia pinrantani vietnamensis, female

Appendages of M. pinrantani vietnamensis, male

Rather plain brown face of the male

Epophthalmia elegans, male

Appendages of male in close-up, note blunt uppers

Appendages in dorsal view

Warface of E. elegans. The last thing you will see as its prey.

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