Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hydrobasileus croceus

Hydrobasileus croceus is known from southern Vietnam, but it occurs over a wide range in Asia, and north of Vietnam also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, or closer by in Guandong or Hainan, so it was not really a surprise when I ran into it at Van Long on September 2 and again at Tay Thien, Tam Dao, on September 15. The first time it was a lone female cruising with Tramea virginia and Pantala flavescens around some tree tops. The second time it was a small flock of at least 5 individuals, also gliding at some height over a valley. I am looking forward to seeing it suspended somewhere, but for now shots of flying individuals will have to do. Below the female from Van Long. The male is similarly patterned, and both are thus easy to identify in flight.

Hydrobasileus croceus, female

The same female, early September at Van Long Nature Reserve

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