Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Female Boyeria karubei and Orthetrum glaucum

Saturday at Xuan Son brought me two females that I want to introduce here. Boyeria karubei was present like last weekend, swarming in the evening by the bridge and during the day with several females ovipositing left and right. This female was caught temporarily at the bridge before released again. It is very much like the male in pattern, but of course the abdomen is not constricted at S3.

Boyeria karubei, female, a very large dragonfly
The other female of note was Orthetrum glaucum. It is interesting in that it has a basically unmarked dorsum to the synthorax, but two clear whitish lines on the flanks. This makes it easy to distinguish from female O. pruinosum, which is basically unmarked, and O. luzonicum, which has a marked dorsum.

Orthetrum glaucum, female

The same female at a slightly different angle

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