Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Brachydiplax chalybea and Brachydiplax farinosa

On the 27 of July while checking a little pond at Ba Be National Park I noticed a smallish dragonfly that in shape and behaviour reminded me of Brachydiplax chalybea, but it had a blueish-grey thorax, without the double yellow flank lines. A little research quickly pointed me towards Brachydiplax farinosa, not a rare species, although to this day I have seen it only once. Its brother B. chalybea is a common sight at all kinds of ponds with heavy vegetation cover, for instance from Water Hyacinth. It can be found also in Ha Noi, and that says a lot about its tolerance for low quality water. Nevertheless, it is a nice looking species.

Brachydiplax farinosa, male

Brachydiplax chalybea, male

Brachydiplax chalybea, female

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