Monday, 30 September 2013

Macrodiplax cora

While on the subject of Van Long Nature Reserve, there were a few other interesting species, one of which I only saw the female of. In fact, when I spotted it sitting on the tip of some maize plants I was puzzled a bit, as I could not place it and the thorax pattern reminded me of Sympetrum species. And of course it will be clear to the reader that there are no Sympetrum species in this part of Viet Nam. Later I was able to find the answer. It is none other than Macrodiplax cora, Cora's Pennant. It is interesting that, as can be seen in the photo, it has green eggs. This is another very wide spread species, that has even reached South Africa.

Macrodiplax cora, female, still far away and Sympetrum like

A lot closer, another female, note green eggs

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